Why us?

Creative Ideas

Those ideas are waiting to be discovered impatiently. Waiting yours.

Shortcode Manager

We have created a special shortcode manager for you. One single click.

Save Your Time

Today is the day to save time and get faster. Your clients will love it!

Cache Strategy

We have developed a special caching system for a rocket speed website.

Among countless reasons, we can simply list basic five reasons for choosing us like below:

  • Design open to any kind of changes
  • Designer & User Friendly Interface
  • Fast & Easy Management
  • Price? check here

Recent Technologies

  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • PHP5
  • For a faster load time, we have used CSS3 styling in this theme. As we do that, we have considered every single browser out there. A browser friendly theme is waiting for you.
  • jQuery plugins performance has been considered in depth for this theme. Every custom jquery scripts used in this theme has been tested for stability and speed. jQuery plugins revised for performance too…
  • Custom php codes that we wrote for this theme, has been written in a clever way. Using original wordpress structure, we have maximized the performance. Codes we wrote in seventico are clean and understandable.


I’ve been extremely impressed with seventico. The code was very solid and the theme is simple and easy to use. Highly recommended.Hery